15 3 / 2012

slacking at work 15 mar

been up till 2 + doing yeejia’s present

made HUGE progress

if i continue at this rate,i can finish it today.

so after that i went to bed with an alert mind and a lethargic body…

perfect condition for sleep paralysis.

so i laid there on my belly,and felt my legs “sleeping”…the sensation crawled up my body..so i adjusted my sleeping position.

i had to do that twice.i am very sure if i didn’t do that i will slip into sleep paralysis mode.

plus my scumbag mind is not helping at all…paranormal thoughts are racing…

what old hag syndrome,astral travelling etc. everything is firing in my mind.

plus i am afraid of the dark. >.<

so as a result,i am extremely tired today:(

and i followed blindly after my supervisor+the auntie angela until i reach the traffic intersection then i am like “eh?why am i there?” so i ate with them.


anyway,i went watsons yesterday and bought 13 dollars worth of mask.


i used one yesterday.don’t know whether it made a difference yet.

then i made the wrong mistake of taking bus all the way home….

it took damn bloody long damnnit.


anyway i am drinking gongcha now…

i very heart pain my wallet dammit.

and i am really growing fatter.